Why GreenstoneStarling?

Our team has been involved in Evidence-based Training since work began on the development of regulations at the European Aviation Safety Agency, in Cologne, in 2014.


We pride ourselves on our experience of airline operations, human performance and aviation regulations, having held senior roles in all fields.  Our team are specialist practitioners in human performance as well as current pilots, instructors and examiners.  We remain at the forefront of driving the regulatory change that enables EBT.


GreenstoneStarling recognises that operators have varying levels of EBT experience and differing operational environments and so we offer solutions to suit your needs. From instructor development, programme design to partnering you throughout your entire development and implementation journey, we have the flexibility and experience you need to draw on.


We understand that developing and implementing anything new in organisations can bring challenges. What distinguishes us from other EBT providers is our experience of working with clients on change management and organisational culture programmes, ensuring that the EBT programme fits well with your company culture, enabling you to maximise the benefits from a new approach to pilot training.