We’ll be presenting on EBT Instructor Training at #APATS2018

Captain Phil Cullen will be presenting at:



15th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium – 28th & 29th August 2018 – Singapore.


Training the Trainers for EBT 


The release of the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) on Evidence-based Training from EASA at the end of July gave an insight into how the regulator will be focussing on the conduct of instructor training in an EBT programme.


The industry will see a significant ‘shift’ in the philosophy of pilot training and more significantly instructor training.


As EBT focuses on observable behaviours and competencies for grading pilots, it is ever more important that instructors receive the correct training to ensure that the grading output is accurate, can be standardised and therefore the grading scores can be analysed with confidence in their acquisition, when identifying trends or querying the competence of a particular demographic eg: command upgrade.


Working with several large airlines,, we have developed training videos for this purpose. Using them in instructor training allows a controlled environment to achieve and ensure standardisation.


Our presentation will demonstrate the videos and the learning points than can be achieved by using them, in addition to how an operator can develop their own.